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Director of Pawanratna Hotels

Mr. Ramesh Nautiyal, Director

Mr. Nautiyal has been in the hospitality industry from decades and has vast and sharp experience. In vast and standard environments, Mr. Nautiyal has nurtured hospitality as an intricately planned endeavour. He aimed at making visitors becoming enchanting, happy and satisfied customers of the Pawan Ratna Group of Hotels.

Pawan Ratna Group’s hotels imbibes and updates itself consistently regarding the latest innovations concerning warmth reception. The initiative brought about for accomodation has definitely brought up the hotel levels of hospitality which is much enjoyable for all visitors of the group.

Since, the overall development of our hotels requires the harmonious partnership of staff and principals, we, once again look forward to extending our already existing wonderful growth to gain more success. Directors can be instrumental in bringing about excellence in the service of all hotels in the group by self-study and growth monitoring through lifetime, to create more platforms for providing comfort to all levels of visitors.

With a very distinct view of our aims and objectives, I wish all the visitors, a great deal of accomodation in the Pawan Ratna Group of Hotels.